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February 17-21: the “Settimana del Riso” is coming!

Settimana del riso

Enhancing the wonderful agricultural territory of Piedmont is the prerogative of the “Fiera in Campo 2024” event, which will take place in Vercelli from February 23 to 25, 2024. For the occasion, the “Settimana del Riso” comes to life: guided tours and gastronomic events will frame the discovery of the marvels of rice in Vercelli. The doors of our headquarters, Mundiriso, will be opened to you, where a guided tour will lead you to discover the rice production processes!

The dates to visit our headquarters will be February 20th and 21st, don’t miss out!

You will be able to see up close the origin of rice processing on your tables, all the production processes, and access to the brand-new packaging department. Book your visit!