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The Production

A 4.0 Company

Investments and cutting-edge technologies for tailor-made rice

Today it can be said to all intents and purposes that Mundi Riso is a 4.0 company. In recent years, investments in cutting-edge technologies have made it possible to perfectly control system processing, giving immediate feedback on all processing parameters.

In the next few years, the investment plan foresees the implementation of the warehouses and the packaging department. This too will follow the highly technological trend of industry 4.0.

The production capacity of Mundi Riso is around 110.000 tons of raw material which is equivalent to about 65.000 tons of finished product mostly exported throughout Europe, the UK, the Middle East, the United States, South Africa, South America and some Asian countries.

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The rice is tailor-made produced for the customer. Each process follows individual technical specifications for each customer, which can be supplied or studied in partnership to suggest both the variety and the degree of processing that meet the most varied requests for countless applications. A team of experts who know and study different varieties of rice for each different application, high-tech tools that facilitate research, an industrial kitchen that puts into practice the different “recipes” to study the behaviours of rice in its various applications.

The processes vary according to the final use of the rice in three different types: brown rice, semi-milled rice and white rice. Below these groups there are then various intermediate degrees of processing designed ad hoc to meet the requests of our customers.

Continuous investments in highly sophisticated machinery guarantee product safety and quality throughout the process. Latest generation cleaners positioned at the beginning of the process allow to guarantee the clean entry of the paddy being processed, eliminating problems of the presence of straws and all foreign bodies that can arrive from the fields, a series of metal detectors and magnets as well as stone removers to have a safe finished product, latest generation optical sorters, x-ray detectors along the process … these are some of the machines through which the rice is processed.

Our Rice

Processing degrees


The most known, deprived from husk and bran.


Deprived from husk and only partially from bran.


Deprived only from the husk, this type of rice is the one that most preserves all the nutritional properties of the cereal.

Tailor-made for our customers

Being in the heart of European rice cultivation means being able to offer to your customer a wide range of processed rice, all deriving from the transformation of raw materials grown and controlled in Italy.

The processing carried out with modern technologies, together with careful quality control at each stage of processing, results in products that are calibrated and studied on the specific needs of each individual customer and not in simple standard products. The rice that we produce with passion and dedication can undoubtedly be defined as “tailor-made for our customers”, adapted by degree of processing to every need.

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Formats on request

The Packaging

All our products are available in the above indicated formats and on request also in the Private Label version.

Riso biologico, sostenibile, di qualità

Organic Rice

Given the particular attention of customers towards healthy and qualitative nutrition, Mundi Riso has embarked on this path and since 2005 has obtained certification for the production of organic rice.
All our products can be supplied in this variant.

Sustainable Rice

Mundi Riso’s commitment to sustainability sees the creation of its sustainable supply chain being implemented day by day. Our suppliers of FSA certified raw materials in the silver category allow us to be able to produce sustainable rice guaranteed by dedicated processing and transparent traceability.


In Mundi Riso, quality goes beyond its literal definition, it becomes a solid point on which the entire company revolves. The main aspects that guarantee product quality are:

  • Origin Quality (Mundi Riso mainly processes rice from Italy
  • Commodity Quality which guarantees the commercial characteristics and appearance of the product
  • Nutritional Quality
  • Environmental Quality, through the implementation of an eco-friendly production method
  • Organoleptic Quality, which identifies the typical gustatory aspect of the product
  • Ethical Quality which bases its principles on an ethical code defined in all its aspects
  • Hygienic-Sanitary Quality

Traceability is an essential operational constraint for us. The quality management system in the company is able to guarantee:

  1. The constancy of the company performances and the qualitative characteristics of the product through analysis both on the raw material and on the finished product in parameters beyond those foreseen by the legislation.
  2. Process improvement through investments in increasingly sophisticated equipment to eliminate contamination of the incoming raw material and give a healthy finished product.
  3. Continuous improvement of the company’s behaviour for workers’ rights, safety and hygiene.

As a guarantee the certifications: BRC-IFS-BIOAGRICERT-KOSHER

The guiding principles that lead to constant attention to quality in its entirety are customer satisfaction, prevention of non-conformities and continuous improvement.

A process of continous renewal

Research and development

Rice is an ancient natural food that continues to undergo a process of renewal through the study of new varieties and new applications dictated by modern times. In 2015, Mundi Riso implements its research and development sector to respond to the increasing demand of its customers for support and help in their activities.

It is here that new products are studied and developed, suitable for the mew production processes to which the rice must be subjected. Mundi Riso is not only a rice supplier, but also supports its customers in their process which may concerns:

The know-how of our collaborators and the experience gained over the years on the various rice applications are a key point of the company’s success.
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