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New Kenji Premium at the Bevi con Mosca Restaurant

New Kenji Premium stars in a sushi evening at Bevi con Mosca in Novara, featuring haute cuisine creations by Chef Antonio Colasanto.
poke bowl

Young people and rice: tastes and trends of the future

Rice is finding a prime spot in the diet of young people. Here are the future trends for this cereal.
New Kenji 2025 Gambero Rosso Guide launch

2025 Gambero Rosso Sushi Guide

Mundi Riso with its brand New Kenji at the 2025 Gambero Rosso Sushi Guide launch.
Rice preservation

Tradition and innovation in rice preservation techniques

Traditional and modern rice storage techniques aim to keep rice unaltered during both processing and home storage.

Brown Rice, Semi-Milled Rice, and Refined Rice: Characteristics and Consumption Preferences

Rice processing: from whole grain to refined, each type has special characteristics.

Food Trends 2024: What Role Will Rice Play?

Food trends for 2024 are not only focused on sustainability, but also on new habits and the pursuit of well-being.
research and innovation in rice farming

New Trends in Rice Production Research

Research and innovation in rice farming: what is changing in rice cultivation? Here are the latest techniques to improve production
Mundiriso rice biodiversity

The Importance of Biodiversity in Rice Production

Rice biodiversity is not just a fashion trend, but a challenge for future productions. Here’s why.
Settimana del riso

February 17-21: the “Settimana del Riso” is coming!

The 'Fiera in Campo 2024' will come to Vercelli from February 23rd to 25th, 2024. For the occasion, the 'Settimana del Riso' comes to life: a week to promote rice and the wonderful agricultural territory of Piedmont!