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A strategic company
of the Ebro Foods group

Mundi Riso is located in Vercelli, the European capital of rice production. A company in constant evolution and technological development that guarantees the processing of rice at the highest quality standards, thanks to the most modern processing tools in which the company invests every year.
It is a company that belongs entirely to the EBRO FOODS group, the first agri-food group in Spain, world leader in the rice sector a strong position in the pasta sector with over 66 brands distributed all over the world. A global presence is guaranteed by the group’s rice mills and factories throughout Europe, Asia and the USA.
Mundi Riso represents a strategic point for the Group because it is able to offer the excellence of Italian rice all over the world. For years the rice that is produced, has become a fundamental ingredient in the production processes of its customers who decide to package it under their own brand, guaranteeing a highly qualitative product.

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Our History

A history of excellence

Mundiriso - timeline-2021
The B2C market
A long-term investment project that sees in the current year an implementation and an automation packaging/warehouse department. The final product will lead the company to open up to the B2C market.
Mundiriso - timeline-2020-2021
Towards new markets
New Kenji becomes one of the first sushi rice brands in Europe and its notoriety pushes the company to undertake new investments for the acquisition of new markets.
Mundiriso - timeline-2015-2020
A 4.0 Company
The success of the New Kenji rice brand implements the interaction with the industrial market and allows the penetration of the wholesale market. New structural investments aimed at digitalization in a 4.0 perspective, make Mundi Riso a company that is preparing for the future from a sustainability perspective.
Mundiriso - timeline-2010-2014
New Kenji Premium Sushi Rice

A new market for the application of Sushi opens and the New Kenji brand is registered.

Mundiriso - timeline-2007-2010
Product Safety
A new series of investments starts, which is concentrated mainly in the improvements of the product safety. The experience matured and the professionalism pushes the company into studies of new varieties for different applications.
Mundiriso - timeline-2005
Organic rice
Already certificated IFS and BRC, this year is focussed on the Organic rice obtaining the Bioagricert certification.
Mundiriso - timeline-1996-2005
Industrial groups
For these 10 years, the business is mainly focussed at serving large international industrial groups and the companies of the Ebro group market rice of Italian origin.
Mundiriso - timeline-1995
First industrial customers
Mundi Riso starts working and sending rice to its customers. The work is aimed at highly reputed industrial customers, with particular attention to the most important quality parameters.
Mundiriso - timeline-1994
Acquisition of the company by the Hernandez family, Herba Ricemill. The major restructuring begins which will keep the plant inactive for 1 year.

Eco Commitment

Commitment to eco-sustainability: a pillar of growth

Mundi Riso assumes sustainable growth as a fundamental pillar of its management strategy, positioning itself as a solid, innovative, responsible company committed to social good, environmental and economic balance, integrating in its decision-making processes as well as economic, environmental variables, social and ethical.

Mundi Riso’s Social Responsibility is aimed at creating a sustainable business model that contributes to the progress of society, leading to the creation of shared value for all those who interact in the development of its business.

This is possible through the creation of a model divided into the following actions:

  1. Analysis of the actions carried out by the Company in the field of Sustainability.
  2. Detailed analysis of the company’s value chain in order to identify potential risks and both positive and negative impacts of our operations. In this process, three key areas were identified to add value to the company. Nutrition and health – Agricultural development, through the promotion of sustainable agriculture and environmental management.
  3. Constant internal and external dialogue with the group companies to identify the main concerns and integrate their suggestions into the Company’s action plans.
Mundiriso - Eco Commitment 2
Mundiriso - Eco Commitment 1
Mundiriso - Eco Commitment 3

After identifying the main challenges and opportunities for the Company in terms of Sustainability, 23 relevant topics were identified classified into 8 different groups:

Health and safety of direct and indirect workers

Quality of employment

Positive socio‑economic impact on society

Be a driving force on innovation

Promote healthy food

Maximize food quality and safety

Implement environmental policies

Integrity and transparency

Today we are proud of our long tradition of ethical business conduct and our constant commitment to protect the environment, health and safety of our employees. Health, Safety and Environmental Performance are among our most important core values.

This commitment is in line with our goal of conducting our business with the highest standards of integrity, respect and responsibility.