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Our History
Discover the history of our company in the rice sector and of its production.
The correct rice
Find the rice quality that suits best your needs.
Sustainable by choice
Discover our certifications, a guarantee of a high-quality product.

Our Company

Passion for constantly evolving rice

Mundi Riso is located in Vercelli, the European capital of rice production. A company in constant evolution and technological development that guarantees the processing of rice at the highest quality standards, thanks to the most modern processing tools in which the company invests every year

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The production

A 4.0 company

Today it can be said to all intents and purposes that Mundi Riso is a 4.0 company. In recent years, investments in cutting-edge technologies have made it possible to perfectly control system processing, giving immediate feedback on all processing parameters. In the next few years, the investment plan foresees the implementation of the warehouses and the packaging department.

The correct rice

There is a perfect rice
for every need

There are more than 100.000 varieties of rice in the world. Each dish has its ideal grain and cooking can be different, depending on the type of recipe. How to understand which is the right rice to use? Mundi Riso can help you in your choice.

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